School-Girl hentai
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    Popular hentai   
Hentai name Latest episode
Honoo no Haramase Oppai: Ero Appli Gakuen The Animation Completed
Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei Completed
Hontou ni Atta Completed
Hooligan (Dub) Completed
Hooligan (Sub) Completed
Houkago 2 The Animation Completed
Houkago 2: Saiyuri Completed
Houkago Initiation Episode 002
Houkago Mania Club: Koi no Hoshii no Completed
Houkago Nyannyan Completed
Houkago Renai Club: Koi no Étude Completed
Houkago: Nureta Seifuku Completed
Hump Bang Completed
Hyoudou Ibuki: Kanpeki Ibuki Kaichou ga Kousoku Do M!? na Wake Completed
Ichigo Chocola Flavor Completed
Ienai Koto The Animation Completed
Iinari! Saimin Kanojo Completed
Iizuka-senpai x Blazer: Ane Kyun! yori The Animation Completed
Ijou Chitai: Jikken Dorei Completed
Ikenai Koto The Animation Completed
Ikkyuu Nyuukon Completed
Imakara Atashi...... Completed
Imako System Completed
Immoral Completed
Imouto Paradise! Completed
Imouto Paradise! 2 Completed
Imouto to Sono Yuujin ga Ero Sugite Ore no Kokan ga Yabai Episode 002
Inbaku Gakuen (Dub) Completed
Inbaku Gakuen (Sub) Completed
Injuu Onna Kyoushi (Dub) Completed
Injuu Onna Kyoushi (Sub) Completed
Inmu Gakuen: Inmu ni Torawareta Bijin Shimai Completed
Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo Completed
Inyoku Tokkyuu Zetsurinou (Dub) Completed
Inyoku Tokkyuu Zetsurinou (Sub) Completed
Inyouchuu The Animation Completed
Isaku: Respect (Dub) Completed
Isaku: Respect (Sub) Completed
Issho ni Ecchi Completed
Issho ni H Shiyo Completed
Issunboushi (Dub) Completed
Issunboushi (Sub) Completed
Itadaki! Seieki♥ Completed
Itadaki! Seieki♥ Special Completed
Itazura The Animation (Dub) Completed
Itazura The Animation (Sub) Completed
Jitaku Keibiin   Episode 004
JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai Episode 002
JK to Ero Giin Sensei Completed
JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou Episode 005
School-Girl genre
Hentai with the schoolgirl tag will include characters that are either in primary or secondary school. Most of the time the story will take place at school or the characters will be wearing their school uniforms. The sailor outfit is the most common style of uniform worn by female students in Japan, and the majority of Hentai with this tag will feature it.