Teacher hentai
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    Popular hentai   
Hentai name Latest episode
Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan Completed
Choubatsu Yobikou (Sub) Completed
Choubatsu Yobikou (Dub) Completed
Zutto Suki Datta   Episode 002
Yarimoku Beach ni Shuugakuryokou de!! The Animation   Completed
Meikoku Gakuen: Jutai-hen   Completed
Boku to Misaki-sensei   Completed
Yareruko Densha Ecchi Completed
Bakunyuu Oyako (Dub) Completed
Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi Completed
Kaihouku: Chikan Harem (Sub) Completed
Kaihouku: Chikan Harem (Dub) Completed
Suki da yo! (Sub) Completed
Shitsurakuen (Sub) Completed
Shin Seiki Inma Seiden (Sub) Completed
Onna Kyoushi Yumi no Houkago (Sub) Completed
Natural: Another (Sub) Completed
Natural (Sub) Completed
Momone (Sub) Completed
Rebiya Completed
Heisei Jogakuen Kagai Lesson Completed
Shino-sensei no Yuuwaku Jugyou (Sub) Completed
Keraku-No-OH King of Pleasure (Sub) Completed
Inbaku Gakuen (Sub) Completed
Hooligan (Sub) Completed
Reiju Gakuen (Sub) Completed
Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation Completed
Futari no Aniyome Completed
Gosenzo San'e (Sub) Completed
Seisen Gakuin (Sub) Completed
Eisai Kyoiku (Sub) Completed
Chicchana Onaka Completed
Saimin Gakuen (Sub) Completed
Houkago 2 The Animation Completed
Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji Movie (Dub) Completed
Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji Movie (Sub) Completed
Kansen: Ball Buster The Animation Completed
Akiko Completed
Nikuyoku Gangu Takuhainin (Dub) Completed
Nikuyoku Gangu Takuhainin (Sub) Completed
Alignment You! You! The Animation Completed
Anata dake Konbanwa Completed
Aniyome (Sub) Completed
Choisuji Completed
Chu Shite Agechau: Oshikake Oneesan no Seikou Chiryou Completed
Hitozuma Ryoujoku Sankanbi Completed
Gosenzo San'e (Dub) Completed
Momone (Dub) Completed
Reiju Gakuen (Dub) Completed
Enyoku Completed
Teacher genre
The teacher tag is used for Hentai that contain teachers who are most often in dominant positions over their students. The Japanese word for teacher is sensei and it is commonly used as the translation to describe them in anime and Hentai.