Harem hentai
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    Popular hentai   
Hentai name Latest episode
Sailor Fuku Shinryou Tsumaka Completed
Samayou Midara na Lunatics Completed
School Days (Hentai Scenes)   Completed
Seikatsu Shidou!! Anime Edition Completed
Seme♥Chichi Completed
Sentakuya Shin-chan (Dub) Completed
Sentakuya Shin-chan (Sub) Completed
Shabura Rental: Ecchi na Oneesan to no Eroero Rental Obenkyou The Animation Completed
Shimaizuma: Shimaizuma 3 The Animation (Dub) Completed
Shimaizuma: Shimaizuma 3 The Animation (Sub) Completed
Shiny Days (Hentai Scenes) Completed
Shocking Pink! Completed
Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo The Animation Completed
Shoujo-tachi no Sadism The Animation Episode 002
Shusaku Liberty (Dub) Completed
Shusaku Liberty (Sub) Completed
Shusaku Replay Completed
Spocon! Completed
Succubu-ist Story The Animation Completed
Suki da yo! (Dub) Completed
Suki da yo! (Sub) Completed
Summer Days (Hentai Scenes) Completed
Sweet Home: H na Oneesan wa Suki Desu ka?   Completed
Harem genre
Hentai that involves one lead male character and many cute/pretty female support characters. Typically, the male lead ends up living with many female support characters within the same household. The lead male typically represents the average guy who is shy, awkward, and girlfriendless. While each female character surround the lead male possesses distinct physical and personality traits, those traits nevertheless represent different stereotypical roles that play on popular Japanese fetishes; i.e. the librarian/genius, tomboy, little sister, and older woman.